Saturday, June 25, 2011

Masters Programs in Montessori

I never saw myself as a Masters type of person. I figured I'd get a Bachelors degree, and that'd be good enough. But during research for Montessori training schools, I came upon an affiliation program with a university. Once I saw it and realized that a Masters degree was actually attainable, I wanted it. Here are the results for my further research on the subject, arranged according to my interest in the program. I did not include any online programs.

Loyola University (Baltimore) / Montessori Training Center of Minnesota (St. Paul)
PDF Info Pamphlet
Outcome: AMI Montessori diploma and Masters of Education in Montessori degree
Three summers of classes beginning June 2013 + 4-day winter seminars
9 hours (2 papers) at Loyola as a fourth summer or during semester
(27+9=36 credit hours total)
$10,000 for Montessori training, $? per out-of-state university credit
Applications available May 2012
Must take Primary Foundations course before program
Financial Aid SELF Loan through the State of Minnesota
Loyola student loans for MTCM
Loyola financial aid
MES Scholarship through AMI/USA. Application deadline is May 1st of each year
Information video

St. Mary's College of California (Morgana, CA)
Outcomes: AMS Elementary Education credential and Masters of Arts - Montessori Elementary Education

32 credits
$410 per credit hour (roughly $13,000)
Program length: Roughly 2 years + 1 year (of 2 more classes and culminating project)
1 year of classes, 1 year of paid internship or student teaching

Xavier University (Cincinnati)
Outcome: AMS Montessori diploma and Masters of Education degree
Full-time, part-time, or summer class options (20? seats available)
51 hours required for Elementary I. Take an intensive additional summer for Elementary II.
$? per university credit
Must take Primary Foundations course before program

St. Catherine University (St. Paul)
Outcome: AMS credential and Masters of Education degree, optional STEM graduate certificate

39 credits
STEM certification
$? per university credit
Primary Foundations included in credit hours

Chaminade University (Honolulu)
Outcome: Masters of Education with Emphasis on Montessori

31 credits

Belmont University (Nashville)
Outcome: AMS Early Childhood certification Master of Arts in Teaching and State Licensure

Hampton University (Hampton, VA)
Outcome: Masters of Education in Montessori Education

33 credits

Sienna Heights University
Outcome: Masters of Arts in Early Childhood Education: Montessori

36 credits


[Redacted text about choosing a program]

Edit (Feb. 2012): I found another great program. Although I've already decided which school to go to, I'll list it below.

Hershey Montessori Training Institute (Cleveland) / Loyola University
Outcome: AMI accredited Elementary Montessori license, Masters of Education in Montessori

Available as a one academic year (9.5 months) program or a three summers program (next three summers program begins 2014)
Cost: $12,500
Financial aid, scholarships, and discounts available
As well as being accredited by AMI, HMTI is also closely associated with NAMTA. It sounds like a great school. If I hadn't already chosen another school, HMTI would be the obvious choice.

Edit (Sept. 2012): Here's a site that would have been helpful while I was still deciding on a school, a list of all (currently 16) AMI certified training centers in the US, Training Center Locator. There's even a page of Degree Options With AMI Training Centers from the same site.