Saturday, January 3, 2015

HS English Spring Semester plan

Here's what I want to accomplish with my second semester of teaching high school English:

*Continued Article of the Week project
*Continued Lit Research project (one text per week for seniors, one every other week for juniors, and one a month for freshmen and sophomores)
*A small writing assignment for journals every day for all classes, even on days we're working on other assignments. That means it may be homework some days. Consider putting prompts on a website students/parents can access from home.
*A big writing/research project integrated with History class. Possibly integrated, also, with blog writing. Much of this depends on when we receive Chromebooks.
*Speeches, presentations, communication. PVLEGS. I need more curricula material for this.
*Practical life assignments for seniors. How to write a resume, have an interview, fill out documents, file taxes, etc.